Eneicat & Mendiz in the Top 10

In this 2023 season, the Eneicat CM Team has slipped into the top 10 teams in the UCI ranking, and at Mendiz Bicycles we are very excited to be a part of their journey.


Andrea Alzate's victory in the “Clásica de Villeta” race in Colombia gave our team the first couple of UCI points which, at the beginning of the season, allowed them to reach the top ten positions. 

Our girls have been using Mendiz F8SL bikes, which are very light and have a frame weighing of only 820g, thus helping the team to give their best on the road and when climbing.

In February, our team managed to place three of its cyclists in the first three positions of the general classification and finished with a second place in the last stage of the “Río Negro Clásica” race.

After fighting and finishing fourth overall in the “Vuelta a Extremadura” race, the Eneicat girls were proclaimed winners of the second round of the Women's Spanish Cup with Lucia Ruiz, therefore maintaining the lead and prevailing as leaders in all three modalities.

The elite/sub23 race began its route at 10:30 a.m. with somewhat unpleasant weather where the rain alternated with sunbeams and caution was the predominant note among the cyclists. With 40 kilometers to go, the escape was on.

Laura Ruiz (Eneicat), Claudia San Justo (Eneicat), Ilona Feytou (Abadie) and Vera de Paiva (Massi Tactic) were the first to try their luck and quickly established themselves at the head of the race.

Already in the final sprint, our Eneicat riders worked together for the leader Lucía Ruiz, who got back-to-back wins after the one harvested in Noja.